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Weekly Feature #16, Stories From a Childs Past: One Evil Mother – Reintroduced

Mother’s hold a special place in our hearts, even the evil or bad ones as they often portrayed in different ways from the struggling mother to the abusive mother. Recently I have been watching a good deal of reality ghost shows like the Ghost adventures, the dead files. One thing I have noticed is that mother spirits often stay in this world to haunt the living. Mother’s I believe have a strong bond to people and wanting to help or torment those around. My mother who passed in 2015 is someone I would like to think is around but really I don’t want her in this world, she should be in heaven. My mother was a struggler in life but always provided for myself and sister in life, but wish she would have lived a more comfortable life. This story in more in relation to an evil mother, not sure what prompted me to write it but remembering back my mother could be quite mean at times and in a foul mood regularly but I caulk that up to my devil of a grandfather who we lived with who often harassed her. This story depicts one scary mother, hopefully none of you out there ever had one like this.

Welcome to this Weeks Weekly Feature number #16, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as a young child I had and continue to have a love for writing.

The writings so far seemed to be when I was in between the ages of ten to thirteen. Many of the examples I provided do have typos, run on sentences and grammatical errors so don’t be surprised if see those.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

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Original Story

One Evil Mother Transcribed Story

There was once a woman who live a long time ago in the 1800’s and her mother was so mean to her she made her sleep on the floor with the bugs in the house and she never got her new clothes. She was full of dirt all over her and never took a bath and one day she dreamed of her and somebody would go somewhere far away from evil mother and have a big bed and a big house.

Her mother would always got mad at her for day dreaming one day in her dreams her dreams said you must go into your basement and put your finger on the extra roses she saved for another time. She went down there her mother was right beside and she didn’t see her mother and when she was going back she saw her mother and her mother killed her and after that she started to kill her and other maids and then missing children and dogs and cats and all those other people she made them into raw meat and more and more people were missing and this boy said he would go into there and make her come out with a knife in her hand and come outside for people can see who was the killer. SO he went in the house and the woman was going to make him into raw meat and had escaped from house and the woman came outside with the knife running after the boy and all the people in town came running after the woman and nobody no what happened to her nobody will tell did she get turned into raw meat.


There was once a women who lived with her Evil mother in the 1800’s, this mother was so evil made her daughter sleep in fifth on the floor with the bugs.

The mother did not bathe her daughter, did not get her new clothes and would constantly get mad, someone with a bad temper. The young women loved to day dream and her mother hated her for daydreaming.

One day the young women daydreamed of going into the basement and had her place her finger on some roses. While she went down to the basement she killed her daughter. But the love of blood wasn’t enough so she killed the maids, children , dogs, cats, and turned them into raw meat.

One day a boy decided he would try to lure the women out so the town could capture her so he went inside an attempt the women tried to kill the boy but he ran outside as the evil woman chased him into the town people.

The town people caught the women and no one knew what happened to the woman not even if she was turned into raw meat like the rest. The end.

What it all Means

My stories sometimes have some significance to my childhood like for instance if I have wrote a story about running away. But certain stories are difficult to psychoanalyze.

When it comes to my mother which I loved, I am not sure if I was going to a period when I was thinking of my mother and that inspired my story.

My mother lived a difficult life with my sister and I living with the Devil (our grandfather). Due to our difficult hostile environment we lived in my mother would act out against my sister and I. She would Not beat us or anything like that , but would scream at us at times. She always fed us , clothed us, bathed us, gave us everything we needed.

As you can see I have and had an over active imagination watching horror movies so its quite possible I saw this story in a movie somewhere. Based on this story the daughter/woman was daydreaming about better life ahead and her mother hated that.

Those who suffer in life tend to try to think of ways to look past the pain and think of positive thoughts so we can live through the next day. My days as a child were hard filled with a grandfather to constantly put me down, used vulger language for myself, sister and mother. My mother did the best she could for the circumstances and I don’t fault her, I blame the devil for his vile ways of how were treated. If you want to learn more about the devil I have written a few blogs about him.

Ultimately as a child I wrote about evil things, like Monsters, Clowns, Murder, death and so many other strange things. I had a natural interest in death as a child and attempted to visualize what real death looked like, but my interest have disappeared since then.

I unfortunately witnessed my mothers body when she passed and that was a sight I will never forget and it is forever implanted in my mind, her skin color, her expression, her temperature, her position is all there.

To this day not sure why I write about death so much I guess maybe because death is a natural part of life and I am open to those subjects.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks weekly feature and as always thankful for your support. Until next time…

Mother’s will continue to hold a special place in our hearts and everyone may not be the best terms with there mothers. Be thankful for good mom’s even if they dont act perfect but they try. I believe mothers are under extreme pressure especially if your a single mom holding everything together.

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