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Weekly Feature #3: Stories From a Child’s Past : The Monster That Ate – Reintroduction

The last two stories have shown you the depth of my imagination but of course we are not finished just yet, as there will be more to share with you. This week’s story goes deeper in the idea of monsters, which was something that regulary ingested with my appitite for movies with monsters. Having growing up in the 80’s and 90’s there were tons of examples that kept me up at night. I have always had an appreciation for the unique monster. Today they exist to a certain degree but nothing like in the past.

This weeks feature story from my childhood past is a real dozy, untitled piece of work, but some frightening in what was written. I have left the transcribed version in it’s original context, which may drive some of you crazy because its one big run on sentence. I must have been in middle school between the ages ten to twelve. My writing was not very strong, with lots of typos, no punctuation and truly so weird and sick ideas. I must have watch a lot of horror movies because this seem straight out of a movie I watched.

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The Lizard and the Secret Pond

For The Love of Horror

I was around that age too, so who knows what inspired me to write this. I can tell you like most in my generation which is generation X, we had the best generation in the sense of music and movies especially with Nitemare on elm Street , Halloween , Friday the 13th and so much more great classics.

I always seem to have a love for horror movies, the super natural, paranormal and alike. I can also say that my father was one of the reasons I watch those movies at such a young age, especially when we would go with him on the weekends, he would allow my sister and I watch whatever we wanted. Movies were always a big part of our weekends, as he took us to see Child’s Play and Pulp fiction which at that age I had no clue what most of that film was about until I got older, but I loved movies.

By reading this you will probably think I must have had a lot of internal aggression as this piece focuses on Monsters, Killing, some cannibalism, violence, running for your life and just plain violence. I truly believe at that time in my life I had a lot of internal anger at my grandfather who verbally abused me growing up and felt through writing to express that. In all honestly I can’t be sure. I could have been just experimenting with writing different things.

The Story of the Murderous Monster

Once upon a time lived a man named Cliff and every night rocked in his chair with a banjo playing tunes and one day out of sight a Monstear came out of no were and at him up he only stit out the bones and so his wife didn’t hear him and so the monstear went the house she thought it was Cliff and so she turned a round and yelled for help.

She yelled help help! And so she got the gun and shot him but that made him more mader than ever so he got a knife and cut off her head and put in soup for dinner and cut the other part and hanged the part on the wall and that would be his and one day this teenage boy and girl saw the monstear kill the and hang the parts on the wall and they followed him to were he lived and went into this home and than he was coming back out and so they had to hid some were quick and so they did but he smelled some things and looked in the trash and nothing was in there and one of the teenager made a noise and the monstear looked back and when he left they went inside the house to look around and than a hour later they hear a sound like foot steps so they need to hid again and there was no were to hid and the monstear is coming and the act like dead people and so he see them move and go up to the girl and kills her and than the boy run out of the home of the monstear and so he go after him and than the boy finds out that his friends are coming to see him and he tells them to get the boy and kill them there lunch for today and so they run after him and the boy runs faster than ever he runs so fast because he won 1st place in the running club he was a real champ and so they run after him for a long time so he gets real tierd and stops but the Monstears bit him to the finish line and he starts running again and see they go roller stakes on there big feet and start rolling real fast and kact up to him and try to get him but they run into a light post and they see were in the house that he goes in to and the boy run to the back of his house and in to the garage and so they monsters get into his house and go in the back he thinks it Clare but it isn’t so he goes out and the monsters are waiting for him and so they got him  cut him up  and cook him for breakfast, lunch and dinner they thought he was so good and the girl too and that the end of the boy and girl…

But they might be near you so get under your beds and lock the doors and window just to be on the safe sid. 

The End.


Some of which you are reading I know was hard to read, but hopefully you see what this story starts out about a Monster who kills a character named Cliff playing the banjo and his wife after she screams for help . Cliff’s wife is killed attempting to kill the monster and shot the monster but the monster ended up killing her and turning her into soup and eating cliff and spitting out the bones.

Then there appeared to be teenage characters a boy and a girl who followed the monster after witnessing the monster kill, but the monster ended up following the two teens. The two teens are discovered and the monster chases them into a house where they attempt to play dead, but monster figures it out, kills the girl teen, which causes the teen boy to run for his life.

As the boys runs for his life, the Monster has friends who goes hunting and the monster tells his friends to kill the boy and made breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the boy. The teen boy runs away , but the monsters get on roller skates and starts chasing the boy. The boy seems to make a big mistake by running into the house, but the monsters wait for him outside, as he comes out the Monsters kill the teen boy cut him up and cook him for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the monsters loved the taste of the teen boy and teen girl.

Lastly I warn the reader the monsters might be near you and so get under your bed and lock the doors and windows just to be a safe kid.

For The Love of Monsters

After reading the synopsis one who really thing what was going on in my little head at the time, many of thing I would was sick in the head. Some of reading this must thing I am really demented, but I was just trying to be creative at a young age, probably trying to create stories beyond my years.

As a young boy most boys have some fascination with monsters, I was no different. To this day I still have a love for the strange so not a lot has changed, as for my writing I have not delved back into writing about monsters, ultra violent scenes, but I have lots of time to great those stories but with more finesse and better stories.

My Love of Monsters Continues

Even today I love seeing a unique creation, some of the most interesting monsters I have seen have been created by Guillermo del toro , the creator of such films as Hellboy and Pans Labyrith and one of favorite of the Hobbit series.

Monsters to be an important part of ones imagination as these are things that come into our dreams that we can only share with others. In my example the monster should have just been left alone. Now I think of another monter that feeds on people that til this day scares me is Jeeper Creeper.

As a twelve year old, I was introduced to monsters at a young age by my father who would take myself and younger sister to see the horror films of the 80’s and 90’s from Childs pay, Nightmare of Elm Street and Halloween. I guess much of my generation can relate. I don’t see films like yesterday, I am unsure why. A big part of that is because the culture has changes to what people want to watch. I continue to look for those who will push the bondaries of their imagination and put those monsters in public for all too see.

Maybe one doesnt want to think of monsters or explore their signficance in life and film but I do and will always do.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me and continue to stay tuned into my mind as a child!

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