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Weekly Feature#5: Stories from A Child’s Past: The Americana Way of Life in The Old West – Reintroduced

The wild west like pirates has always been a fasination of mine. Although I have not watched many westerns in TV and movies, I loved the idea of the traveling by horse although I can only imagine it was a horrible way to travel. One of favorite films that involves the Old west is Back to Future III. Although a comedy I like the representation of the old west.

I guess what I find most interesting is the west created what society is today and its amazing that back then there were technologies like there are today but people lived on raising families, learning and even writing. It just goes to show you that we can live without technology and be ok. I dont know if I would want to live in the old west, but I find those times simpler but I am sure they were difficult especially when it came to some of things we take for granted here like bathing.

Welcome to this weeks Weekly Feature #5, Stories from a child’s past, stories that were unearth from my childhood. These stories I am sharing because as a young child I had a love for writing and I tried. My writing was not always the best from the examples you have seen, there were typos, grammatical errors and the run on sentences. For those who are Joining us for the first time I would highly recommend to read my other stories which include the following:

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For those who have read my stories, many of them involved Monsters, the Killer clown IT, and then more normal type stories like a Lizard story and the Pirate Captain. Many of these are violent and I have no idea why, I guess I have also had an interest in Gore, horror and just the strange. My influences came from books, movie and TV.

This weeks story is untitled by has a lot of Americana in it, such as Cowboys, Native Americans, blood, Even Abe Lincoln makes an appearance. This story is a little more tame. The synopsis and the written text will be below along with the print shots of my work.

Written Work

This piece of work is undated like much of my work, but most likely I was in middle school between the ages of 9 years to 13 years old, so you will find grammatical errors, run on sentences and for any writer those are annoying, what can I say, I loved to write and hardly ever had anything check my work or read it because I kept these private and I guess never felt the need to revise or edit them as everything in most cases is in pencil. Here is today’s stories in written text, with some minor edits for readability, but kept most of it the same, so forgive the run-on’s.

The Original Story Transcribed

Once upon a time a long long back then in the 1800’s when you weren’t born on June 18, 1852 the kids were just getting out of the school house, that’s what they called them back then the kids hurrying home to go and get dressed up for the big party. Everyone was going to be there, the silver smith and the milk man and one important man Abe Lincoln and every was going to be very happy to see him that is why they were going to see him and have fun there going to be food and drinks and music and important things to the people dancing it was going to be a ball.

So people were hurrying to the big dance, everyone was there and suddenly everyone was getting all surprised because Abe Lincoln just drove up in his wagon and had a red carpet rolled in to the room and everyone welcomed him to the dance all Abe did was talk, talk and even more, talk and be the end of the talk it lot late little by little the people left. And they all said bye to Abe Lincoln and it was wonderful day now all the little children had to go to bed for school tomorrow.

 In those days the children had to up early in the morning and in those days people didn’t have much money so they had to work real hard they were lucky enough to find gold in the rivers suddenly everyone was yelling for help and couple people, people didn’t no there was so much people. They were yelling the Indians are coming were under attack get your guns your weapons they yelled.

Will the Americans survive people get their guns and polish their weapons and get ready for the big take over and a few days later people started yelling again and yelled and yelled and they there coming there coming all the Americans got ready again the Indians and the people saw horses and horses with Indians on them the Americans started shooting the Indians horses got killed and lots of Indians got killed every little American got killed in the kind of war the more the weapons the more the people the Indians fell over and didn’t want to kill them the Americans were too big for them, they wanted to make peace with them and live, but not die, the Indians decided to help.

Some children got killed and some moms and dads got killed and everyone was very sad and the Indians were sad the chief got killed and then some of the Americans got into a fight with the Indians they said they wouldn’t  have happened if you hadn’t attacked on us and the Indians said we attacked on you because we wanted your food and your cattle, your shelter you have everything we don’t have so attacked on you all we want is peace and we want to be part of you and eat your food, use your clothes and make peace and so they became friends and a big big date started it was the gold rush as soon as there heard   they got their belongings with them and rush to the maids and starting digging for gold, some people were lucky and some were not lucky and some people got lots of gold and some got rich quick and some went to the rivers and some didn’t.

So the gold rush lasted for about a year and some wife’s were happy and some weren’t happy but still people went to look for more gold and still some got rich quick and there was a man invented a thing call a train and a man invented the telephone and telegram to the people really used was the train to get around places to see family and then people starting using the telephone to reach out and touch someone every day.

People invented science and everyday people got happier and happier every day and people invented better tools to work like hammers and different kinds of tools and invented big machinery to use and the one thing people were sad was that Abe Lincoln died, everyone said he was a good to the people but it was time to move on in life for them in the 1800’s but also that many more people died of old age and sicknesses and more people was happy were happy in this world and then it was getting to the 1900’s are almost in our time.

More and more people were born and people discovered caves and people discovered what’s in the ocean and what in it is almost our time and then started better schools. They invented toys and other things for the kids and then invented radios and music and then people made cars and trucks.  It go to the 1940’s and then people made pollution in our beautiful earth and people started building large ships to go over the sea and than planes to carry you over seas and states and country and different places around the world and that all folks.

The End.


This Story is a little strange in the sense that it has the telling of traditional Americana Stories of Cowboys, Native Americans and Abe Lincoln, but towards the end I start discussing what appears to be the industrial revolution of the United States beginning to build Cars, Trucks, but then I fast forward to 1940’s.

It appears I had interest in History, which I discuss major inventions such as the telephone, telegram, the invention of the Train, Planes and Automobiles, I think there is a movie by that name. In addition I spoke about the birth of science so to speak and the many inventions taking place.

The story centers around Americans Versus Native Americans, but really it’s about Americans since Native Americans are Americans. I write about the blood shed , killing of families and peace. It appears not a lot has changed in today’s age, except it may not be native Americans we are fighting but each other at times.

Parts I that find interesting is my description of a battle taking place, where American’s got their guns and weapons to kill the Native Americans and the many deaths that took place on each side fighting.

Going through the story, it discusses Abe Lincoln at a party and Dance with the people and the happiness with Mr. Lincoln at the party as he talked and talked and talked some more, Abe Lincoln must have loved talking in my story. Other parts I tend to speak about is the Gold Rush and life in the old west of being hard, working for a living and survival to take care of ones family.

Toward the end of the story I write about Caves, Ocean discoveries and again inventions. There were some parts of this piece I was unable to read my writing, due to it being in pencil and because of my cursive writing.

My Love for Americana

Reading this I was just like any young boy or girl who had an interest in cowboys and Native Americans, although I never played a Native American, I have always had respect for what they went through and go through today. I think in Literature and in Media we tend to portray battles in favor of the those who settled here.

To this day I find the life in the old west most exciting, always referring back to film as an example of a film I will forever love and its not what you would expect because its not a western.

Yup, you guessed it right Back to the future III, a film that keeps me in touch with my love for the west, Movies, Cars and classic characters.

I hope you enjoyed this week until next week!

As you see my imagination was quite normal in a way living in a fantasy world of the old west. As you see here I am ready to moosie on my way.

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