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Weekly Feature#4: Stories From a Child’s Past: The Pirate Captain – Reintroduced

The last three stories have given you a glimpse even more so into my mind that that tender age around twelve years old. From IT to Monsters to Giant Lizards. You can only imagine what is to come. Natually this week is about Pirates. I have always loved the sea, but I have loved pirates. Pirate of the sense like Captain Jack Sparrow and Black Beard. As a child I would imagine myself on a big ship sailing the seas. Pirates in the real sense where horrible individuals. Pirates would rape, philrage , steal, kill and really do whatever it took to survive. In today’s world we stil have pirate like people who do the same thing.

This week’s feature story from my childhood past is more on the tame side, compared to last week which was a bit demented and gory to say the least, but if wish to read it, take a look here https://adventuresinwriting675191505.wordpress.com/2019/08/04/weekly-feature-3/, but not before you read this weeks.  The piece is untitled in its original context, which includes the actual copies below and the transcribed version for those who can’t read my writing.

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This piece appears to be when I was a middle school, probably between the ages of ten to twelve years old. My English teach would not be very proud since I have lots of run on sentences, no punctuation, but it appears that didn’t affect the story.

Today’s story it’s very boys dream , well at least my dream of Life on the sea and as a pirate, what boy or tree doesn’t love a good pirate story.  Hard to say what pirate movies, shows or books inspired this piece, but usually it was something that inspired me, I remember around this time is when the film “Hook” came out with Dustin Hoffman and the Late Robin Williams, a film I enjoy to this day, even though it was given thumbs down by Siskel and Ebert at the time.

My love for pirates and adventure never seem to go away, I was particularly taken with the Book Pirates by Celia Rees http://www.celiarees.com/ . These books read in my late twenties which were probably made for the youth reader in mind, but I found them fantastic reads, having read Pirates, Witch Child and Sorceress, having a huge fascination with fantasy and adventure.    I don’t think I ever played or dressed up as a pirate, but maybe I did I just don’t remember.

The Original Pirate Story

Story in Original Context (minor edits)

Once upon a time there lived a pirate name Captain Sea he was the meanest Pirate ever born in the world and all his other pirates were getting feed up with him and they were getting ready to jump the meanest pirate in the world and going to kill him for his gold and it was getting dark so would kill him in his sleep but they didn’t do that he was watching the pirate getting ready to kill him.

But as soon as he heard that he got busy getting ready for them, but he said to himself, I ain’t going to be killed without being prepared for them to kill me so he went to bed in his clothes and waited for them he had his gun with his gold sword and at 12:00 o’clock mid night they came to his very small little cabin and all the pirates got up out of their beds and rushed to his cabin and they went in and got lost to him and the captain jumped out of his bed and shoot one of the pirates in the chest and killed him and killed another pirate and they were surprised to see the captain a woken and other pirates back off away from captain sea and he said to all of them “Just for that you will all well be all whipped to death and whoever is alive will be my slaves and well only get bread and sea water and the next day the captain got up early in the morning to which the sun set and them he saw boat up a head and there were lots of people so he turned back and he sailed for two hours and the pirates were getting there last sleep of the day and the captain went into the pirate cabin and got his gun and shot and it scared all the pirates to wake up and yelled to get up he said “It time for some whipping “ Grrr and so he got the whip and only some lived and he all their weapons away from them because didn’t want to take a chance getting shot in the head and the people died he threw them in the ocean all the left over blood over the dead sea and then he said to himself again there are not enough slaves to take care of me ship and so he whipped them to death and only one took the pain and pretty soon his wound got patched up and he lived on and one day the one pirate wasn’t watching where he was going and knocked the captain over the ship and he didn’t know there where sharks in the water and one of the sharks bit the captains leg off and the one pirates didn’t no he was down there and he heard the screaming and then he saved him and pulled him up and one of his legs were missing and they just patched it up with gravel and soke it in the the hole and put a wooden stick to make a leg and then he found out the pirate was  a big help if he wouldn’t help him he would be died by now and then he found an island with lots of trees and fruit to eat and before he got there, there was a big storm on the way over there and the captain had to swim in his gold and then there was a big fire on the ship and the pirate bailed out of there  and fire was blocking it and it shank in the water and the captain died in the water but a mermaid saved him, took him up to the surface and she fell in love with the other pirate and they lived happily ever after.


The story is pretty basic about the meanest pirate Captain Sea and his men of Pirates. One night the Pirates attempted a mutiny against the Captain but it failed. Captain Sea had overhead the pirates speaking as you have seen in pirate movies they are usually very loud and play idiots who can’t keep their mouths shut. Due to knowing what was going to happen he was ready when the pirates came to kill him, killing many pirates in the process.

For those pirates that survived he whipped them to death, but one pirate survived, whoever survived would be slaves.  After the failed mutiny the Captain got up early and was about to whip his men but saw a boat in the distance, turning the ship around for two hours sailing. The whipping of his men was not over, so they eventually got whipped and some lived, taking all of the weapons, because the captain didn’t want to get shot in the head.

All the dead he threw overboard, as blood covered the sea, looking around there was not enough slaves to take care of the ship and so he whipped the men to death and only one survived, but the captain patched up his wounds.

One day the pirate that survived was not watching where he was stirring the ship and knocked the Captain overboard, not knowing it was shark infested waters, so the sharks bit off the one of Captains legs. Pulling the captain aboard, the pirate plugged his leg replacing it with a wooden peg plugging it with gravel.

Finally realizing and appreciating the pirate who saved his life, looking out in the horizon seeing an island with lots of trees and fruits to eat. But before he got there was big storm and the captain had to swim in his gold and as there a huge fire sinking the ship.  The other pirate bailed ship and swan as the fire engulfed the ship almost drowning.

As the ship sank the Captain died, but a mermaid saved the other pirate bringing him to the surface and she fell in love and they lived happily ever after.  The End.

After reading this story, I love the simplicity of the story, it seems fairly cliché, but as a young boy, I attempted to create my own pirate story, obliviously from stories and films I had watched. The name of the pirate I know wasn’t the most original, but that’s how I am as a writing I am a pantster who thinks of things on the fly.

Pirates stories are so universally understood across any genres and ages that is why many love a good pirate story, the more gruesome the better. Realistically Pirates where terrible individuals who killed, murdered, stole, raped and abused women, living on the sea trying to survive.

I hope when you read this you can picture your self being a swash buckling pirate, singing Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me, fighting evil pirates or being an evil pirates whatever suits you. I just know I was living in another world probably trying to escape in my writing. 

Hope you enjoyed this week in a child’s mind of writing. Maybe next week the story will be more bizarre and ghoulish then this one, for those who like those types of stories.

Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me. What it be if we truly could be one. Could we stomach the life. As you can see I have a love for the mistical , the unknown and strange. As child my head was in the clouds trying to think of a way live another life not my own. I continue to look out for any new films detailing the life of a pirate and there has been many.

Thank you for joining me once again!

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