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Weekly Feature #14, Stories From a Child’s Past: The Devils Life Story – Reintroduced

Based on the title of this piece you may think this piece is about the devil but really its about a man. A man who called himself my grandfather, who was related by blood but was anything but a grandfather to me and my sister. He was a tormentor , spreading his hate each day. Reminding myself and my sister how much we inconvenienced him for living in his home. The picture of a grandfather most of us hope for was not him. He was a man who abused people in life and often took advantage of people including my mother. He was despised by his own immediate family. Growing up with since the age of five until I finally left the devils home in 1999 , but returning years later after my suicide attempt but for a short time it was ok, but he was unable to show compassion during my times of need. During these times is when I meet my future wife Delia, who is 2010 finally moved out.

To this day its difficult to forget him, not to be angry , not to hate him. Many would say just move on , forget him, he’s burning in hell right now, a rightful place in my eyes. Sad to say his family such as his nieces , nephews , sisters and brothers where no better then him. I would hate when people who try to justify his behavior that he was old school.

Welcome to this Weeks Weekly Feature number #14, Stories from a child’s past, Stories unearthed from my childhood. These stories I am sharing as a young child I had and continue to have a love for writing.

The writings so far seemed to be when I was in between the ages of ten to thirteen. Many of the examples I provided do have typos, run on sentences and grammatical errors so don’t be surprised if see those.

As a young writer I just loved to write, putting aside punctuation, good sentence structure and my English teach would probably be lecturing me right now, you may want to lecture me, but know this is where my love began.

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Original Story

The Devil Incarnate Story Transcribed

My grandfather’s life story and how he lived…

Well when my grandfather was a kid he lived in Puerto Rico in the country land. His parents were poor well not that poor he had to go to the river and put his hand at the side of the river banks and get sweet water fish and river crabs and take them to his home and eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and beans. His parents got paid little money and things they bought cost tons of money and his father had a farm with lots of animals cows, sheep, pigs and chickens they got eggs from the childrens milk from the sheep and one time his dad was going to get into a fight with his friends dad because my grandfather called his friend a bad name and his friends father came with a big knife to fight his dad well when my grandfather was a kid he couldn’t get shows until he was 10 and then he came to California in 1953 to be a city worker for Bell Gardens and then he met this women who is my grandmother now, she had my mom and she got older and had me and she had a girl we moved with my grandfather and we were still living with my grandfather. The End.


This story details the life of who I call the Devil incarnate my grandfather named Raul Ortiz. I will explain later why I refer to him as that, but you may get the picture.

His Life was life in Puerto Rico, living a poor farm life with his Mother, Father, brother and sister(s), Not sure total how many siblings that still live I have only meant a couple of them.

But life was tough and poor, getting his food from the river with sweet water fish, river crabs and what food they had on the farm.

Living life on the farm was apparently a hard life which is where my grandfather was a real trouble maker, calling bad names to those he knew, something he never stopped doing until the day he died.

Due to his big mouth, this angered the parent of the friend he called names, causing the father to come with a large knife to my great grandfather.

Eventually he moved to California settling down, have multiple relationships one one my grandmother named Joan Meyer, giving birth to my mother. For many years he left my mother basically never in her life until she went to find him.

When she found him, we moved in with him living in Bell Gardens or what I like to call Bell Garbage. My mother moved with myself, my sister and mother where we began our life of hell and torture.

Life Living with the Devil

For those who have read my blogs, I have spoken quite often. I lived with his name who unfortunately was my grandfather. I personally would go back in time and warn my mother if I could to spare myself and sister and her a life of pain and suffering living in a house of terror from a young age.

From the time we lived with him I was about 5 or 6 he took us in and took us over with his curses, swears and put downs wielding control over us when my mother and myself/sister needed help holding that over our head.

Growing up he felt it was his place to discipline myself, my sister and mother. It was a tough life but my mother didn’t have a way to survive on her own. She was college educated at East Los Angeles City College where she met my father.

The Devil (Raul Ortiz) is the man in the Far Left corner in the beige suit, he is sitting next to my mother and I am in the far right corner.

Over the years I was taught chores, which was not a problem, I learn some responsibility, but nothing else. No fatherly or grandfatherly values of love , honesty and integrity, I learned that from my mother.

This man only got worse as I got older, eventually forcing me to move in with my father for a short time and then forced to move back with my mother and grandfather.

Over the years he verbally abused me and at times hit me, my mother fought for us each day having daily blowouts, hate of palpable in our house. His life of torture never ended even got worse when my mother of deathly ill heartless over her dead, no tears, nothing.

The pain he has inflicted on my life have left scars for life, showing me a person who only cared for himself. I know people will defend him, I have heard so many say, “Oh he was old school” to “He had a hard life” like those are excuses to treat people poorly.

This story was part of the series regardless, so I must have written it for a purpose, maybe at some point I did have respect for my grandfather, but not this one, only for my other grandfather Moses who was a war hero and veteran.

Thank you for joining this week as we dive into my young mind, stay tuned as he may be getting done with the series.

Maybe you have or have had someone similar to my grandfather. Maybe a mother , father, brother , sister. Don’t despair , I know how hard it see to even see the person each day and in a way we hope to have peace from these people but its hard because they are family and its difficult and impossible to get away. All I can say I “Don’t be home” and keep your distance from this devils incarnate. Sadly I wished for the day he would just die naturally of course or some other means not at my hands of course. Maybe that sounds sick to you, but I hated this man. I hated that he was in our lives. I can say one thing for sure, I vowed never to become like him and thankful I have not.

You can overcome these type of people and sometimes angry and hate will get us through those times, although its not healthy. You become someone different when you live in anger for so long. Don’t let these people have power over you, take back your power to have control over you , your feelings and emotional state. Grow to love, be kind and appreciate your life each day.

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