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Happy 10th Birthday Mikaylah – Love from Dad!

Happy 10th birthday Mikaylah. Ten years ago, you changed my life forever. You were thought of before you were born. I remember many years before being a father, even a husband. I always wanted a daughter and now that I have one, she is almost my copy, but of course she is her own person and I look forward to see her grow up.

Each year since her birth, I have watched and experienced her life from day 1 and it is a blessing in my life. I pray each day for the well being of my daughter, that she grows up to be a kind, loving person but also a person who knows her value and worth.

As her father I have tried to provide and give her what she needs and wants at times , making sure she feels secure, safe and loved.

I do not know what the future will hold for her, I hope that her future will be better then mine. At her age which was in 1989 I was playing with TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Today she along with her friends on in iPad, Facetiming, zooming playing Roblox.

Like many parents we tend to live through our children as we watch them grow up , go to school and grow up to adults one day.

I look forward to our days together as I take to school and pick her up, working from home has allowed me to see her grow up right before my eyes.

Happy Birthday and many many more to come! I pray she remembers this day, unlike myself who doesn’t remember my childhood birthdays, but do remember mom getting me a TMNT birthday cake.

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