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Rage Against the Machine!

The machine, when you think of this term what does it mean to you. When I think of the machine I think of a repressive system, society filled with greed, hate and angry. We as world are supposed to be intelligent. But as I go through life at still the young age of 42 , I see how stupid we are as human beings. We pride ourselves on doing great things. Some of you will say well yeah we as humans have done sound great things or I can rephrase that to say we have done some pretty great horrible things.

Recently I was watching a Netflix documentary called “How to be a Tyrant”. The truth is that anyone can be tyrant. Despite our laws and rules in place anyone can become one and nothing is really stopping them. We look at those horrible humans like Hitler, Mussolini, Leni, and many others. People fail to understand that in our country (U.S) we are ripe for a takeover into dictatorship. We have had close calls already, but we live in country that is ruled by the elite and powerful who truly wish to suppress those without a voice like the poor, immigrants, people of color to name a few.

Control is already here!

It may come to a surprised, but many people want to be ruled even dominated to be told how to live your life. Its especially scary how even in our country politicians wish to rule over you and I dictating how you and I should live and what we can do with our own bodies. I am not necessarily talking about the abortion discussion and recent supreme court ruling, but generally government wants to control our moves along with big tech like Facebook, twitter and other companies who collect information on all of us every single minute of the day.

Some may not know this, but everything is being track, your keystrokes, the websites you visit, how long to spend on those websites and where you shop, EVERYTHING. For some that may not be a surprise since we willfully gave control to these companies.

Westworld is here

I was recently binge watching Westworld, having never read the book. I found some scary similarities to today and how big corporations look to control us.  We continue to build our world on AI looking to eliminate humans from the equation to how things are done. Corporations would gladly eliminate humans in exchange for androids that can do the exact same job you and I do and to a certain degree that has already happened with automation.

We haven’t fully gone into robotics and human looking robotics, but we are close and will be there one day. I know it sounds very sci-fi. It appears art imitates life in many ways and I reliance on technology and its only getting worse.

What does the future hold for each of us, who knows? We could break out in a civil war one day, AI, robotics and androids could take over every aspect of our lives eliminating the use of humans. Some of you may not believe that will ever happen, but I guarantee some billionaire works on making this reality because frankly they have all the resources and wealth to survive while others would suffer justifying that this would make things easier for everyone, but how would it if people lose their livelihoods, jobs and money to survive as a machine takes over.

The Machine never sleeps

The machine is society, running at all times. The machine includes the bypass of people allowing automation to take control of our decision making. The machine never sleeps as those who run the machine work to find ways to control you and I. Control our thoughts, our minds, our actions, who we support and love and even our race, ethnicity, how many kids you have, who you marry and how you live your life. This machine is not going to stop until it knows it has you and I under control. The people who we think are meant to help us actually want to control you and I to comply with their demands, it stay quiet.

We as society have allowed this, have encouraged this and will pay the consequences of allowing the machine to rule our lives. How do we stop the machine you may ask, well it’s a little too late for that as people are counting on the machine running every minute of every day.

What we can do is rage against the machine, never grow tired of what its trying to do. Never allowing your minds to be warped, to be taken control over. Unfortunately, many are ruled today by social media and media alone from Facebook, Twitter and TikTok working to engage you, change your frame of mind slowly in time accepting compliance and finding it ok that you are controlled by society, big tech and government.

The rewriting of history is happening as speak

You may say well Ill never be controlled and I hope that is true, but open your eyes to what is around you, who is around you working to indoctrinate you and your loved ones. I choose not to fall for this trap, I must rage against the machine and will never comply.

I find the biggest offenders to humanity seems to be corporations. Although they are not the full problem, they are big part especially corporate greed. I am not against a company making money and a company being profitable, because we are afforded the ability to make money in this world and country legitimately and illegitimately. The problem is corporations have chosen to identify themselves politically funding causes that go against the peoples wishes. For example, the supreme court bought and paid for by corporate America and lobbyists.  

Each day our world does appear to be looking like Orwellian 1984 which many feel that is some type of joke. Some of may not live long enough to see that world but sure enough our future generations are, and they are lost. The Machine is alive and well and demands your pound of flesh as payment.

Welcome to one world order. Some of you may think I sound unhinged, but I am perfectly hinged, eyes opened, maybe you should open yours too or we will all to resemble this.

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